Barnet Ben's next big entertainment challenge

By Dave Speck in Local People

Millions of viewers have already seen him as a contestant on ITV’s Take Me Out, The Chase and Countdown this year.

Ben Phillips, of Claremont Way, near Brent Cross, is also known locally as a stage hypnotist, pub-quizmaster, stand-up comedian, children’s entertainer and a DJ.

And the 31 year-old is gearing up for his next big challenge – at The Edinburgh Festival next month with his stage hypnotism show “Strictly Come Trancing.”

The show will run an exhausting 28 times over 23 days, but entertaining people is what drives Ben on. And part of the fun will involve audience members performing different dance styles from ballet to break dance to “Gangnam Style” - all under the influence of hypnosis of course!

“I was a clown at school and I just used to perform for the sake of attention but now I’ve incorporated it into my career,” says Ben, a former pupil of Christ’s College, Finchley, whose stage name is Ben Dali.

He added: “I want to entertain as many people as possible, and to do it well as I can. Because I’m young and have experience in TV and I’m good with the cameras I expect an opportunity to come and find me sooner or later.”

The psychology graduate is also trying to get on the BBC’s Pointless and Eggheads and has tried to marry up his interest in game shows and hypnosis by pitching an idea for a TV game show on which the contestants are hypnotised.

He is doing Edinburgh for the second year running, and will again appear in the basement at the Liquid Room nightclub, a stage he shared with comedian Phil Jupitas last year. This year’s show will also have themes of politics to coincide with the announcement of the new prime minister, and of the Olympics to coincide with the games in Rio.

The former Woodhouse Sixth Form College pupil will also be offering hynotherapy to help festival-goers quit smoking.

Back in Barnet, Ben is available for bookings and stop smoking sessions at

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